Proprietary Research Tools

ImagePro or (IP-11) Matrix

Our proprietary ImagePro or (IP-11) Matrix is an 11-level tool for measuring the corporate image of personalities, organizations and products in terms of these attributes and public perceptions;

The value add in the IP-11 workbench is that it is used to replicate multiple research challenges and still achieve individual outcomes;

The tool uses a 5-way test that filters and validates each impulse at the subsequent level as generated by a previous test. These are the Net Promoter Score (NPS), Brand Appreciation (via usage), SWOT Test, Corporate Imagery (using projective techniques) and Attributes Tests;

When further broken into sub-sets, ImagePro leads up an 11-level definition in testing for the public perception or image of a brand, product or personality.

Advertising Tracking Monitor or AdTracks

The AdTracks is designed to aid your brand-building and sales drive by monitoring the effectiveness of your advertisements in all media vehicles (electronic and print media).

AdTracks identifies the most effective and compelling messages (regardless of the creative approach) based on product/service benefits, user imagery or lifestyles, emotional rewards or usage occasion.

Messages that emerge as fundamental in all four analyses, are identified and called Smacker, from which one is chosen to form the positioning structure.