Advanced Analytical Workbench

PRL Research’s Advanced Analytics Group utilizes state-of-the-art analytical techniques to put your data to work for you. The end result is information and knowledge that help your brand target its customers more effectively, position it strategically, increase market share and build both brand equity and customer loyalty.

We will assist you every step of the way, from innovative survey designs to advanced analyses.

With our advanced workbench, we help companies position their brands to suit their targetting mantra irrespective of the demographics, thereby allowing them to leverage on their competitive advantage as well as the flexibility to allocate resources to those areas that offer the greatest chances for success and profitable returns.

Our holistic approach also exposes the position of competiting brands and products, so that gaps in the marketplace are thrown up. In the end, we also identify the reasons why some customers select one brand over another, which open up opportunities that our clients can then fill in the unmet segments.


Market Segmentation

At PRL Research, we understand that some clients would like to target certain categories of markets that have distinct tastes. Borrowing from the behavioural sciences, we apply depth approach in studying demographics, psychographics, geographic traits, which enable them tailor products along these identifiers.

Through this methodology, clients are able to hone in their marketing through targeted advertising. Some of our clients have also been able to identify new product opportunities by discovering market niches with unmet needs.


Customer Satisfaction

While most customer satisfaction studies focus only on stated “satisfaction” scores, PRL Research’s approach links key drivers of satisfaction to behavioural outcomes. This approach can be used to predict changes in market share as related to client and competitor’s strategic moves.

Both our Key Driver and VOICE models provide you with actionable results, leading to a high Net Promoter Score.


Brand Awareness

Using a set of our proprietary research tools, we approach brand awareness through various identifiers that pin-point a brand’s distinct personality and their propensity to lead to Exposure, Influence, Consideration, Engagement, Loyalty and Advocacy.

Customer Loyalty

Moving beyond analysis of switching behaviour, PRL Research’s Comprehensive Loyalty Approach looks at both behavioural and attitudinal components of customer loyalty.

Our construct is built around segmenting customers and non-customers into loyalty groups based on both psychological and behavioural measures. The outcome reveals the impact of both enablers and limiters to switching habits.


Brand Equity

PRL Research has developed an advanced proprietary research tool to measure brand equity amongst homogeneous brands. It is a 14-level matrix that filters different brands’ attributes that lead to polynomial results on individual brand scale. The attributes are used to measure all brands’ strengths within the matrix.

We have repeatedy used this tool in conducting various usage and habits studies into traditional and new media, fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs), and mobile telecommunications, respectively, with outcomes perceived by our clients as more superior to mainstream rating survey methods.


Customer Switching Behaviour

A critical issue for most brand managers is understanding the why’s, what’s and where’s of Consumer Switching Behaviours.

We employ a deep dive research theme to uncover the most likely triggers of switching habits, from taste to texture, from mood swings to cravings as well as other tangible instigators such as pricing, availability, seasonality, competition, quality, satisfaction, loyalty and many more influences.


Price Sensitivity Tests

Pricing is one of the most important influencers of consumer behaviour. We couch our tests to expose those common and uncommon  factors that lead to the swings in price elasticity

The outcome is that clients are guided on how they should price their products or services, after determining whether the current price is too high or too low, or whether to create additional values to match existing prices. Also, our price elasticity studies guide our clients on the best market entry prices to use or whether to modify current prices as a strategy to increase market share and increase customer retention and loyalty.


Conjoint Value Analysis

Since inception, PRL Research has been conducting consumer surveys by integrating some of the most advanced conjoint value tests available in the market research industry, such as  Conjoint Value Analysis (CVA), Choice-based Conjoint (CBC), Hierarchical Bayes Regression (HBR) and MaxDiff to simulate utility values of products, to project the probability of choice and therefore, the brands’ market shares and equities.

The key value add in CVAs is that once tested, it is easy to identify those part worths that make a product stand out in the mind of a consumer, which the brand can leverage on for a higher market share. CVA is commonly used in differentiating luxury brands that have stood the test of competition over time.

…and many more