About Us

PRL Research is a leading market research company in Nigeria. PRL Research is incorporated in Nigeria as “Polls & Ratings Limited” as a provider of opinion research, market research, monitoring and consulting services. Part of our consulting services include rendering of trainings, seminars and development of business plans/feasibility studies into a wide range of businesses.

PRL Research has been serving the widest range of businesses in the social, private and public space with usable research and consultancy-based solutions.

Our services are driven by a superior edge built on new technology and global best practices that give us leverage in the market research industry.

We maintain a pan-African presence in the West African sub-region, particularly in Niger, Ghana, Togo, Liberia and Gambia, where we represent several clients’ interests on a consultancy basis.

PRL Research also invests in other businesses such as a focus group facility and a public relations outfit, both in Lagos, Nigeria.


To be a foremost market research firm of global repute on the African continent.


To be the go-to brand for small, medium or large-scale businesses in our sphere, with the use of superior market research solutions, which ensure total satisfaction of our stakeholders, while boosting our competitive advantage.


To continually give our clients market and social research solutions that are driven on core professionalism, ethical standards and global best practice.

Corporate Drive & Passion

The key to PRL Research’s success is providing clients with meaningful, actionable market research. We ask the right questions and read the right data to address clients’ specific needs.

Borrowing techniques from the behavioural sciences, we use simple, psychological exercises to identify and interpret pivotal words and signals in a category, thereby  allowing our clients to develop products and services uniquely positioned to meet their customers’ needs.

Competitive Edge

We apply specially designed analytical processes and scientifically proven research tools that give each of our research solutions a superior edge, because on each project, we apply internationally accepted research methodologies that ultimately give our esteemed clients best-fit solutions.

Our Advanced Analytic Methods have been tested on major research projects for clients’ brands in the FMCG, telecoms, financial services sectors as well as NGOs, and the results have been phenomenal and reputed to be superior data analyses methods.